Hula-licious Street Party

January 28, 2017 from 2:00pm - 9:00pm

Historic Downtown Titusville is the place to be on Saturday Night. Indulge in an eclectic array of epicurean delights as chefs from more than 40 food trucks show off their culinary skills against each other in selected categories at the Hula-licious Food Truck Culinary Cook-off. You will be the beneficiary as we gather in a five-block area of Downtown Titusville that will be closed off to vehicular traffic. Admission is free and there will be a large common seating area. The event will bring together the top food trucks from around Central Florida with everything from Asian fare and succulent seafood to barbeque, cheesesteaks, hamburgers, pizza, pitas, pastries, home-made ice cream and more. Enjoy regional craft beers, cafes and local vendors.

Following sunset, live bluegrass from the Penny Creek Band will set the mood. Combining traditional bluegrass, vintage country, fresh original material and tons of energy and excitement, Penny Creek Band members produce heart-felt, hard driving bluegrass music as well as a generous amount of variety. At the Space Coast Birding and Wildlife Festival tent, Festival Exhibitors will have one final opportunity to promote their products and services not only to the birding festival attendees, but also to the local community, the support of which we cannot do without! Mingle, relax, have fun and share good times.

Travel and Adventure Sunday

January 29, 2017 - classroom presentations take place from 8:30am - 2:00pm

Have you been dreaming of an amazing travel experience? The kind of trip that results in stories and memories that you will treasure forever? Of course you have -- everyone dreams of traveling to stimulating places! A unique aspect of the Space Coast Birding and Wildlife Festival is its marvelous collection of entrepreneurs who offer exhilarating escapades in far-away places.

Picture yourself hiking Peru's Inca Trail to the 15th-century citadel at Machu Picchu. Has the idea of staying in a refurbished U.S. Air Force radar tower in the jungles of Panama even crossed your mind? With world-class rock art, wild wetlands, weathered mountains, sand-swept deserts and towering red-tinged dunes, Namibia boasts a variety of super-scenic destinations for your viewing pleasure. In Antarctica, relish the nature experience of a lifetime in the world's last truly pristine wilderness with spectacular vistas, hauntingly beautiful icebergs and the planet's greatest concentration of marine wildlife. Madagascar is home to five endemic bird and mammal families with half the world's chameleons and various endemic plants; is a must for any world traveler. An astonishing 120 bird species are found only on Madagascar, making it one of the prime zones of endemism in the world. When the sun dips behind Cuba's crumbling facades and the mercury drops to a bearable number, residents head outdoors on the largest and most bio-diverse land mass in the Caribbean. Choose one or see all three presentations on Cuba's endemic birds, its magnificent architecture, its vibrant culture and colorful people.

Knowledgeable guides from these destinations and more are here with stunning visuals to tell you about their experiences through fourteen one-hour presentations on Travel and Adventure Sunday. Take your pick of extraordinary adventures and awesome accommodations. Celebrate some of nature's grandest spectacles and magnificent destinations and don't miss this unique opportunity to learn from some of the very best adventure travel providers in the business.

Sponsored in part by the Brevard County Board of County Commissioners through the Brevard Cultural Alliance and the Space Coast Office of Tourism.

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