The Environmentally Endangered Lands Program

Brevard County, Florida

The "EEL" Program was established in 1990 by Brevard County citizens to protect the natural habitats by acquiring environmentally sensitive lands, from willing parties only, for conservation, passive recreation, and environmental education.


Protect and preserve biological diversity through responsible stewardship of Brevard County's natural resources.


The Environmentally Endangered Lands (EEL) Program acquires, protects and maintains environmentally endangered lands guided by scientific principles for conservation and the best available practices for resources, stewardship and ecosystem management. The EEL Program protects the rich biological diversity of Brevard County for future generations. The EEL Program provides passive recreation and environmental education opportunities to Brevard's citizens and visitors without detracting from the primary conservation goals of the program. The EEL Program encourages active citizen participation and community involvement.


Please visit the EEL website for information for you, your family, your classes and schools, your community: There are several Festival classroom presentations and field trips that include hiking, birdwatching, Florida history, journaling, kayaking and more!

Sponsored in part by the Brevard County Board of County Commissioners through the Brevard Cultural Alliance and the Space Coast Office of Tourism.

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